Edition 13 / Fall 2023

Editors’ note: Fall is usually the time of year when people talk about predictable things: vibrant leaves swirling in crisp air, glowing pumpkins on front stoops, and apple cider with cinnamon sticks. A time of change, they say. For me, it’s about renewal more than anything else. Just like a story or a poem can renew something inside of you, fall can renew your sense of awe and wonder. As you read this edition, we picture you doing so with your hands wrapped around a hot mug, a cozy throw on your lap, and perhaps a purring or snoozing animal at your feet. With each word, we hope you find renewal, as well as a few gourds and really good pie. 

~Laura, Mary & Leslie

Featuring work by: Aaron Sandberg, Bart Edelman, Ben Macnair, C.W. Bigelow, Ceridwen Hall, Don Noel, Hanalore Roth, John Atkinson, Kate Maxwell, Kim McVicker, Logan Chaloupka, Lorraine Caputo, Mackie Garrett, Paul Ilechko, Richard Schreck, Robert Tremmel, Tobi Alfier, Tony Hozeny, William Cass, and Zeke Jarvis

Spring crocuses for Backhannels Literary journal
Spring crocuses, Carpathians, Ukraine

Submission Window CLOSED

We accepted submissions through the month of Feb for our all-poetry edition coming in May.