LGBTQ+ Edition

Photo credit: Mary Bardsley Rainbow on the Isle of Bute, along Kilchattan Bay, Scotland, March 2022

I took this picture when I was hiking in Scotland this past March. It was incredibly windy, the day blindingly sunny but cold, and it had just rained (as one must expect in Scotland on any given day). I turned and saw this rainbow, faint but still glowing. Whenever I see a rainbow I’m struck by its fleeting beauty, the brilliance of the colors, and the hope that is synonymous with its existence. 

More than anything, as I took the rainbow picture, I felt fortunate that I had seen it, as I always do when I spot one in the sky. And isn’t that what everyone truly wants, to be seen, to be appreciated for their beauty, their own splash of color? In this mini edition that celebrates and showcases writers who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community, we offer a platform for all to be seen, included, and valued.

An abundance of sunshine to you,

Laura, Leslie & Mary

Featuring work by: Alexander Lazarus Wolff, Lexys Sillin, Nick Young, Barbara Brooks, Maggie Rue Hess, Ginny Short and
Rose Menyon Heflin

Spring crocuses for Backhannels Literary journal
Spring crocuses, Carpathians, Ukraine

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