Leslie Caton Frey

Snow Revelation by Yuan Changming

Snow Revelationby Yuan Changming Every winter we are remindedAll gaps and cracks can be filled upAll dirtiness and ugliness can be buried deep, andAll viewing difference can be harmonized into one single color Muted in white, as the land unfolds itself to show us howTo make a new start in spring

Leslie Caton Frey Backchannels Editor

Meet Leslie

This is the part I’m not supposed to say in a grad school or writing job application because it’s too cliché: I’ve been writing stories since I graduated from holding a crayon in my fist. It started with spelling words telling twenty-five sentence tales and progressed to diaries, then contest-winning essays, then songs and poems …

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Mary Bardsley Backchannels Journal

Meet Mary

I’ve been writing all my life. I remember my very first “published” piece that was proudly hanging on my grandparents’ wall. I had drawn a series of pictures with captions of a bear going to sleep, though it might have been a large dog (my artistic talents weren’t quite developed at age 6)! When in …

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