Backchannels No. 2 / 2019

Amanda Bergloff is a surrealist artist whose work has appeared in New Myths, Firefly Magazine, The Horror Zine, The Evening Theater, Enchanted Conversation and other publications. She lives in Denver, Colorado and is a shameless collector of books, toys, and comics. You can follow her on Twitter @AmandaBergloff

Danny P. Barbare (poem) – Swimming at the Lake

Eric Baysinger (fiction) – The Light is Better Over Here

Amanda Bergloff (art) – Sentry

Glenn Bruce (fiction) – The Physics of Shoe

Erick Brucker (cross-genre) – Dank

Sandy Coomer (art) – Blooming

Sandy Coomer (art) – Trailing Vine

Sandy Coomer (art) – Sunny Day

Marc Darnell (poem) – obituary for a poet

D.W. Davis (fiction) – The Common Man’s Beer

Judy Decroce – Two Poems

William Doreski – Three Poems

Chris Dungey (fiction) – Peach Schnapps

Michael Estabrook (poem) – Fire Engines

Louis Faber – Two Poems

R. Gerry Fabian (poem) – Third Reconciliation

John Grey (poem) – On a New Mexico Night

Brooke Gander (art) – Healing Heart

Mitchell Grabois (flash fiction) – Moutarde, Jello Shots

Stephanie Haun (photography) – An Evening Figurehead

Shirley Hilton (poem) – Earthquake, Mexico City 1985

John Jeffire (fiction) – Genital Cat

Max Johansson-Pugh (fiction) – Rawhiti (an excerpt)

Robert S. King (poem) – Pathway

Kyle Lee (fiction) – What I Make Immortal

Corey Mesler – Two Poems

Ben Nardolilli (poem) – Untitled Blue

Paul Negri (fiction) – Letter from a Dead Man

Dan Nielson (fiction) – The Jacket

Robert Okaji – Two Poems

Antoni Ooto – Two Poems

Kenneth Pobo – Two Poems

Fabrice Poussin (art) – Awesome

Fabrice Poussin (art) – Mysterious Again

Marilee Pritchard – Two Poems

Gerard Sarnat (poem) – Knight Errant?

Adrian Slonaker (poem) – Conversations

Fia Sutton (art) – Nighttime Bees and Moth

Guinotte Wise (poem) – Bad Bull Shortcut

Jim Zola (art) – Jekyll Island, Georgia

Jim Zola (art) – Photo Mosaic

Jim Zola (art) – NYC Diner


Mary Bardsley, Editor
Leslie Caton Frey, Editor
Laura Johnson, Editor

Cover art by Amanda Bergloff

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