Backchannels No. 3 / 2020

Photography by Mary Beardsley

Marc Darnell – obituary for a calendar (poem)

Frank Dullaghan – Twenty-Third December (poem)

Darrell Petska – In Dream (poem)

Brian Kerg – Rabbit’s Foot (fiction)

Sean Devine – Two Poems

Lisa Clark – Echo of Him (fiction)

John Tustin – All the Scars (poem)

Evan Balkan – Locked In (fiction)

David Anthony Sam – Half life (poem)

Amirah Al Wassif – From Daughter Baraka to Mother Eve (fiction)

Peycho Kanev – Three Poems

D.R. James – Two Poems

Lynn Capling – The Way Ahead (flash fiction)

Carlene Gadapee – Border Children: My Seventy-Seven Year Old Father Sits in His Rocker and Weeps (poem)

Tina Klimas – Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Man (poem)

David Lohrey – Two Poems

Edward Lee – Abandoned Train (art)

Catherine A. Coundjeris – A Sacred Stillness (poem)

Darren Demaree – with an empathy so fatal #89 (poem)

Linda M. Crate – the story is over (poem)

Shannon Morrissey – Vinyl (fiction)

Todd Mercer – Jimmy’s First Train, Grand Trunk Western (poem)

Roger McKnight – The Hair Apparent (fiction)

Rob DiLillo – How Earth Loves Water (poem)

Jeff Burt – The Way the Starlings Frolicked (poem)

Neil Harrison – Big Al’s Sure Fire Smoked Fish (fiction)

Keith Kennedy – Eagle (poem)

Bruce McRae – Two Poems

CL Bledsoe and Michael Gushue – How to Fold Laundry (poem)

Edward Lee – Life Buoy (art)

Sandy Rochelle – Nighttime Visions (poem)

Edward Lee – Dead Conversations (poem)

Howie Good – Two Poems

Adrian Slonaker – Sniffling in St. John’s (poem)

Ligia de Wit – Sweet Unrequited (fiction)

Sean Lause – Midwest Photographs (poem)

J.L. Moultrie – We’re as Bold as Windchimes at Twilight (poem)

Jan Wiezorek – Green Garden (poem)

Yvonne – Marathon* (poem)

Kyle Hemmings – MH1 (art)

Marianne Brems – Two Poems

Marie Anderson – Orphans (fiction)

Michelle Tuplin – I-94 (fiction)

Mike Sullivan – A Peaceful Place (fiction)

James Piatt – Out Beyond (poem)

Gary Thomson – Deception (fiction)

Richard Risemberg – Vengeance in Gray (fiction)

N.S. Yancey – Enough (poem)

John Hicks – Hardware Store (poem)

Gary Van Hass – An Unknown God (art)

Margarita Serafimova – Untitled (poem)

Brian W. Budzynski – The Tenement (poem)

Gale Acuff – Feathered (poem)

G. Timothy Gordon – Spring Kiss (poem)


Mary Bardsley, Editor
Leslie Caton Frey, Editor
Laura Johnson, Editor

Cover art by Mary Bardsley

With huge thanks to our intrepid readers, Melissa Chapman and Erick Brucker

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