Catherine A. Coundjeris – Sacred Stillness – 3

 Sacred Stillness
by Catherine A. Coundjeris

A leaf drifts outside my window
As the sun sets beneath the mountain.
Where clouds hang low.
Turquoise and coral bathe the sky.
I could tell you the secrets of the gloaming,
As I listen to the old mountain
Murmur of things only the ancient know.
But I am made dumb.
I see as a baby sees
With mute wonder.
No amount of learning
Can help me translate the experience.
An opportunity
To sit and do nothing.
As another day closes,
A sacred stillness passes over me.
I contemplate the oncoming night
Knowing that this time is also good.


Catherine A. Coundjeris is fascinated by the pattern our lives make in the big picture of the universe in which we live. These poems are her way of recognizing the possibilities that each choice makes for us and yet also takes diminishes us as well on our journey through life. They are a tribute to her mother who has recently passed away and was always a deep lover of poetry. She inspired Catherine to write and enjoy poetry in all its many forms, for she could recite a poem for every occasion. She was her first fan and her first critic.