J.L. Moultrie – We’re as Bold as Windchimes at Twilight – 3

We’re as Bold as Windchimes At Twilight
by J.L. Moultrie

The frail beams of
youth bend toward
the wayward sky.

A well-maintained façade, 
a mask on mask,
juts from my existence.

All that I’ve harbored
pours in in droves;
forgiveness is a sinking ship.

We are mauve flowers,
unable to make due
with our lot.

The remainder of my
words are unspoken, rattling
in the cavity of my chest.

This world brims with
interlocutors; descendants
of some faux finality.

Grappling for the censure
of night, my body is a collection
of brooding colors withdrawing from shape.

J.L. Moultrie is a 30 year old poet based in Detroit, Michigan. He fell in love with reading and writing poetry after encountering Hart Crane, Rainer Maria Rilke and others. His work appears in Rigorous, White Wall Review, Sonder Midwest, and Gravitas. He is a dog and cat dad and holds an Associate of Arts degree from Wayne County Community College.