Marc Darnell – obituary for a calendar – 3e

obituary for a calendar
by Marc Darnell

it had its
latticed lifespan on 
the wall  
though it held an extra
two months
on the ass of
as a plea of
survival to 2019

the neon highlighter 
slashed it date
by date yet it 
kept its diptych panache

march an airbrushed 
april a poisonous frog
may a gash of petunias

we had tacked it
on an unclean wall
crucifying it 
then standing 
around as it
bled its staled
31’s away

and we wanted its
gridded judgmental
face over with
that held 4 seasons
of our parenthetical
(dirty secrets)
our gouged-out
ambitions ###
and asterisked 
failures ***

Here are some poems from the glamorous flood plain of Eastern Nebraska, where 84th Street in Omaha has 3 potholes per resident. Nebraska has a new poet laureate, but he won’t return Marc’s phone calls.  Marc Darnell graduated from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop when it was still called that, and when he had more muscle and confidence and less fat and prescription drugs. He hopes you find his carefully-honed, chiseled rantings engaging.  My mom’s garden flooded and the propane tank tipped and leaked into it, but she still planted tomatoes there. Want some?