Rob DiLillo – How Earth Loves Water – 3

How Earth Loves Water
by Rob DiLillo

He cradles her 
allows her into
his deepest places

She comes to him
and leaves
floods him with her presence
shrivels him in her absence

Sometimes she trickles over him,
and sometimes rages
smooths his rough edges
carries bits of him away

they are the beginning of all things
and the end
and again the beginning.


Rob DiLillo grew up in Los Angeles, went to college in Portland at Lewis and Clark, and earned a teaching credential at Berkeley. He has lived and worked as a high school English and Culinary Arts teacher in Sonoma County since 1986. He has also written novel set in 70’s Portland about addictions and poisons, Just Say Yes. He has long been a part of Centrum Writers’ Community in Port Townsend, WA.