Joe Balaz – Da Buggah – 5

Da Buggah Bugs Stay Mutating
by Joe Balaz

If you had in mind

dat science wuz going frog march
da buggahs back into submission

den you bettah tink again.

Baby boomers
and everybody dat came aftah

you don’t know how lucky
you wuz all dose years

following da moment
wen antibiotics wen come onto da scene.

It’s hard to know
wat you nevah experience

wen plenty kine people
wuz dying from infections

cause doctors nevah have
da wonder drugs to fight back.

Too bad da medical field
got so used to prescribing da stuff

cause now da buggah bugs stay mutating

and becoming resistant
to everyting in da  white coat arsenal. 

It would be wise to realize
dat da human race 

is always near catastrophe

by its own actions

and at adah times 

by forces 
dat stay relentless in da shadows.

So no need to go see wun slasher movie
foa  get your horror thrills

cause da buggah bugs stay mutating

and dat in itself
is scary enough.


Joe Balaz writes in Hawaiian Islands Pidgin (Hawai’i Creole English) and in American English. His poetry has appeared in such magazines as Stand Literary Journal, Rattle, and London Grip, among others. In May of 2019 NBC News and Mental Floss Magazine featured his book Pidgin Eye for Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month, as one of the best new books to be published in the Asian/Pacific Islander literary genre. He presently lives in
Cleveland, Ohio.