Star Anderson – Two Poems – 5


I Am
by Star Anderson

Thoughts do come alive
With the magic in my mind
I am poetry

by Star Anderson

I have dark circles under my eyes 
And ain’t no space between my thighs
I’ve never been a size two
Never owned a dainty shoe
Can’t ever find an ankle length skirt
Cause I’m tall as the fuck
Some think my feelings can’t be hurt
Ostracized for most of my days
Had two angels and thought I was saved
Now all I want is to run away
Build a brand-new life
In a brand-new place
Cause sometimes I talk too loud
And maybe too much
I demand loyalty and respect
And I take losses tough
Cause the love I thought I had found
Became the ocean in which I almost drowned
I am not perfect, never said I was
Still, I know I deserve to be loved
So, until what is mine comes for me
I’ll be living my life imperfectly


Star Anderson is a poet, singer and author. She grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and graduated from Cleveland Heights High School. Star discovered her love of poetry due to a school assignment at age nine. She has gone on to be published in various print and digital publications.