Dr. Thomas R Willemain – Poem – 6

A Poet’s Time
by Dr. Thomas Reed Willemain

balanced between a day that disappointed
and another that terrifies.
Midnight is a poet’s time.

Four a.m. 
Lights on in a neighbor’s house
sure signs of disquiet and despair
the very stuff of poetry.

pale light and weak shadows flicker out
unnoticed by a sleeping world.
Moonset is a poet’s life.


Dr. Thomas Reed Willemain is an emeritus professor of statistics, software entrepreneur, and former intelligence officer. He holds degrees from Princeton University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His poetry has been published in Sheila-Na-Gig, Typishly, Eye Flash Poetry Journal, Panoplyzine, Idle Ink and The Journal of Humanistic Mathematics. A native of western Massachusetts, he lives near the Mohawk River in upstate New York. His website is www.TomWillemain.com.