Of Cold & a March Night
by Ralph Monday

The stars are spiraling borders retina-locked
like van Gogh’s kaleidoscope, maddening
swirls lording over dark cypresses


from a cold that envelopes me hauling
firewood fueled by a star & overhead
in the ancient vacuum the


filters down like the arctic in a London
tale. Even the calling owls know this
totem, the news that they etch into
each branch with primal claws,


glowing spheres caught by a hunter’s
pupils, the long nights they have known,
vast abyss above & below, no true
shelter but what the mind rationalizes.

I would say
                        come in and warm

                                       your wings by the fire.


Ralph Monday is Professor of English at Roane State Community College in Harriman, TN.  He is widely published in journals. His latest book is Bergman’s Island & Other Poems (Terror House Press, 2021). You can follow him on Twitter @RalphMonday.