Maggie Ripperger – Sit, Stay, Solitude – Pandemic

Sit, Stay, Solitude 
by Maggie Ripperger

Maybe I’ll live a few years longer
if I sit in social solitude hoping 
to avoid diseases. 

I could stay sequestered for days on end
in my tiny house with my books, 
knitting, and comfy chair. 

No noisy distractions save the cold north wind 
twisting the rainbow colored shell chimes. Bird
songs in soft competition. 

Not worried about the size of my toilet paper
stash or the half-empty pantry. Spring is here. 
Radishes and spinach grow fast. 

Don’t need electronics to play solitaire, piano, or stick dulcimer.
And if those disappear, sing, hum,
should words fail me. 

With you to share the coffee pot, 
I have all I need. 


Maggie was born and raised in Iowa, is a retired registered dietitian, retired bookmobile librarian, and is spending her retirement writing, traveling, and painting. She has her private pilot’s license along with an old NC driver’s license. She is currently working on gathering documents for an Iowa license. Gotta have that gold star!