by B. Lynne Zika

“Through the Wood a Pond, Beside the Pond a Dream”
“Desert Song”
B. Lynne Zika’s work has appeared in on-line and print publications, including Sheila-na-Gig, The Somerville Times, globalpoemic, and Poetry East. Awards include a Pacificus Foundation Literary Award in short fiction, Midway Review Little Sister Award in poetry, and Viewbug’s 2020 Top Creator Award in photography. Images viewable at

Artistic statement:
Necessity has often fueled my creative process. As a child, I found poetry drew my inquisitive mother’s attention less often than my diary. During a long adult illness, being bedridden prompted me to explore sketching and watercolors to keep from going mad with boredom. Once I was mobile again, a small Canon provided testimony of my delight in seeing new places. Then the camera was lost in a move, and I discovered I could shoot and explore post-processing with my phone. The human spirit is compelled to create. As a species, we’re so fortunate to do so with a pen, a brush, a camera, a needle and thread, a chisel, a vocal chord, a lump of clay. If we’re really made in the image and likeness of a creator, why, naturally, we create.