We Can’t Share Food So I Thought: Flowers

by LA Felleman

Six pink roses from her garden clustered
cut stems submerged in jelly jar labeled
From Julie’s Kitchen: A Taste of Summer.
She centered the impromptu vase on the porch table
where she sat masked without shield
fogging up from the drizzle.
I remained shielded.
That hour my brain tried to make sense of its view
shifting features blurred by droplets into a familiar
finally choosing the form of a Chinese dragon.
The dragon and I gossip over details
Viruses, vaccines, victories
Wetland trails, wildfire flares, whimsies
Then the dragon left for her den; leaving the flowers
requested the jelly jar’s return (a gift from her sister)
It stayed on my desk unfaded for two weeks 
until the smell turned a saturated sweet.
The compost pile, mostly browns and slimes,
is now rosy.

LA credits the Free Generative Writing Workshops, the Midwest Writing Center, and Iowa City Poetry workshops for her development as a poet.  Her first chapbook, The Length of a Clenched Fist, is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press.