Emmanuel Stephen Ogboh – Gospel – 4

by Emmanuel Stephen Ogboh

friction between metal,
births light sparks
& an aftershave of sharpening.

one hand washes another; gets washed and both get clean.
lend another a hand;sharpen another,
for sparks announce honing,
& washing makes both clean—

who giveth receiveth,
who watereth shall be watered.


Emmanuel Stephen Ogboh is a young Nigerian poet who started writing poetry—his observations and experiences— four years ago. He has written works published or forthcoming in several literary magazines: Fourth Wave, Tuck, Down in the Dirt, Eskimopie, Matador Review, and elsewhere. He recently dropped out of school to care for his siblings. He can be found on www.meduim.com/@stephenecdotes, @stevenecdote on Twitter, and www.allpoetry.com/mrmystique.