Sarah Edmonds – Two Poems – 4

 Of the Courage of Spring
by Sarah Edmonds

I rose again today
To frost upon the sill.
It framed the glass,
So clear and cool,
With Winter’s parting chill.

But as I stood and looked
Through the frost bitten frame
I saw faeries
Of Spring spinning
A lovely warming game.

And as I watched, they turned
So nearly facing me 
I did not hide
From hollow eyes,
Through which they could not see.

I believe they still perceived
A subtle sense of me;
They swelled their call,
Their growing song,
And beckoned where I’d be.

How I longed to join them
And their babbling beaks!
I wished and wished
To follow through
Those lush meadow-grass peaks.

But the frost upon the sill remained
And the glass was frighteningly cold;
Only their Spring-warm claws
Could melt that glacial cage—
But oh, they would never be so bold.

by Sarah Edmonds

There’s something divine about the way she breathes,
The way the air parts her lips with subtle force,
Making life where no human bodies conceive—
Immaculate conception of heedless course—
An inhale of birth in celestial frame
To make galaxies sing and cry out her name—
An immutable sound; still, no one believes
There’s something divine about the way she breathes.

Sara Edmonds is a filmmaker-turned-author who specializes in horror fiction, LGBTQ+ fiction, and historical fiction. She has five years of experience writing for visual performance including several historical vignettes performed in remembrance of the Civil War and multiple short screenplays that have been produced for film festivals including the award-winning short film The Bane of Man. After graduating Cum Laude from McDaniel College with a dual Bachelor’s Degree in English and Cinema—with honors in both majors and as part of Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society—she began working for the public access television station and the historical society both of Carroll County in Westminster, MD. She is currently running a small poetry blog on Instagram, finishing writing the last book in a fantasy trilogy, and is pursuing a Dual MA Literature/MFA Creative Writing degree.