Eddie Foger – Poem – 6

Rose-Colored Dreams
by Eddie Fogler

I fell asleep
in the arms of wildflowers
but dreamt of the luscious
soft petals of a rose bed.

I became restless
tossing out desires and
turning against burdens
my body felt the secrets
that hid under the painted faces
of the wildflowers
pricks from handsy thistles
hives of nettle stinging relentlessly
ivy poisoning open wounds. 

But I stayed sleeping in the
captive embrace of field
letting my body sink
feet after feet
beneath their leafy palms
letting the earth
soothe my dreams
knowing that when I woke
I wouldn’t be able to tell
the wildflower roots
from those of roses. 


Originally from Ohio, Eddie Fogler currently lives in Virginia with his husband and two spoiled dogs. He has his MFA in Writing from Lindenwood University. His works have been featured in From Whispers to Roars, Haunted Waters Press, Literally Stories, Exoplanet, The Sirens Call, Capsule Stories, Umbrella Factory, and Gravitas. The first chapter of his novel-in-progress was featured in Seven Hills Literary Review. You can see his antics at www.eddiewritesthings.com.