Jessica Klimesh – Because and Because -6

 Because and Because
by Jessica Klimesh  

He said but. With fury and resentment. Because, he said. Slamming a fist. Because! (As if she did this by herself.) Because and because. He couldn’t afford and. No! He didn’t want her and. No. He didn’t want. And because he just couldn’t be. No. He couldn’t. So, no one can know. Ever. And. And besides. Your fault for, anyway, he said.

She said no, she wouldn’t. Because. It wasn’t. It wasn’t just. It was. Because. And. No, she said. Firm. Because and because. Because she could. She could be. She wanted to. To feel. To have. To.

He said.

She said.

And then, just her. To make plans. Preparations. Ups and downs and.


Starts and stops, beginnings and ends. Magnitude of. What she thought she would never. Never have. Because.

And fierce because. And broken because. It. Of the hurt that destroyed. Them. She and.

But what she didn’t know was.

Her cramps, her pain. From empty to full to.

But what he didn’t say, never said, was. Sorry.

How hard is sorry. Sorry for. When it was. Was. Anyway.



Jessica Klimesh enjoys reading and writing innovative fiction. When she’s not experimenting with form and language in her own work, she’s editing others’ technical, academic, and creative manuscripts ( She holds an MA in English and an MFA in Creative Writing. Her fiction has previously appeared in The Mark Literary Review and Briefly Write.