LA Felleman – Two Poems – 6

by LA Felleman

Midwestern prairie,
pink with possibility,
in the swirl of potential,
which shade will you be?

Fuchsia, fleshy, pastel,
solely one or some admixture,
among the unfolding options,
what color becomes you?

(Inspired by Sphincter Law III by Lauren Frances Evans)

His Objects d’art
by LA Felleman

Bits found along routes curated into
kinetic installations
strategically placed to
arrest walkers’ attention.

1. Dried-out cedar bough 
hung from maple branch
by silver ribbon
to register the wind

2. Metal ring weighing down
holographic ribbon
beside the woodchip path
to reflect a kaleidoscope

3. Piece of purple confetti
in shape of smiling birthday cake
secured by black plastic string to a street sign
to prompt a grin

4. Weed gone to seed held by
a golden streamer
knotted in a square
to hold the sun’s glow

5. A section of cord
three strands twisted together
attached to light pole
to wave a friendly greeting

6. Three pieces of broken glass
from a blue-green bottle
placed in a river tree to mimic sky or water, 
depending on the angle

7. Miniature silver jingle bell
at end of long, white ribbon
near the well-traveled sidewalk
to ring a welcome home


Currently, LA is an accountant at the University of Iowa. Before that, she was a seminary professor. Prior to that, she was a pastor. She moved to Iowa City with her husband in 2016 and started writing poetry soon afterwards. In order to learn this new craft, LA attends the Free Generative Writing Workshops and organizes a writers’ open mic at the public library (or via Zoom during pandemics).