James D’Agostino – Insomniac Dream Journal – Pandemic

Insomniac Dream Journal
by James D’Agostino

But here come two young lovers,
how close will they get, how far

stay apart from me, they’re here
to take pictures, look, one’s got

a camera & he’s smiling & upright
& still & she arcs around, attached

to each other at the eye-piece,
planet / star pair, their shadow braid

orbits are years, his image crispens,
her memory spools, takes all this

late March light into the teeth
of its reel & turns, now she sits

right there on one of the rocks
that line the lot & he’s on one knee

with the camera, leaning back & leans
back, finally sits on the asphalt

on the downstroke of a sit-up
& smiles inside a squint, & half

a century from here maybe finally
she calls to someone down a hallway

hopefully him, this was during
the pandemic or whatever we’ll

call it then, First Seeding, Spring
Wave One, & he’ll go no that was

way before or at the shore or why
would I wear that jacket she’ll ask

to the beach, & the waves say
we just went that way one day,

you were worried anxious, bored
& wanted to see what we’d look

like & called me to the drawer
you found this picture in, where

my god we are so young &
might not know shit yet

 hadn’t forgotten a thing.


 James D’Agostino lives in Iowa City with his partner, the poet and book artist, Karen Carcia.