Seth Speaks – Untitled – Pandemic

by Seth Speaks

i’ve been thinking,
dreaming up defeat where isis rests osiris gardens.
where roots and stems will meet.
where feet can flutter. home is key.
where porches see sunsets, lilac scents, rosy seas.
where gold lies ground, where canvas silence rules all sound. where laundry soaks through sun and dinner roams for miles. 
where lovers have their way, every mother smiles.

i’ve been dreaming up this rest.
i guess you could say
i’ve been languishing in thoughts
of what comes


Old soul, father, poet, partner to all life. Seth Speaks weaves his poetry across the city, across beloved mother earth. Birds hear most of his performances, concrete drinks it in. Residing in Cedar Rapids, he offers his love and service to the people and all relations of this stunning evergreen asphalt expanse. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin.