Seth Speaks – 1

i remember

by Seth Speaks

i remember being punched into a window for wrestling.
it broke.

what became of the tall hat crow standing by the empty bed?

i remember tensing between two adults
kitchen knife, each hand.
he wouldn’t stop swinging.
both pleading me out of the way.

what became of the basement voice beckoning onward?
banished candlelight?

i remember being reminded nothing happened.
incredulous anger burns up Thanksgiving,

what became of the bird song become choir’s melody?

i remember striking her cheek for bawling, lightly, angrily, 2 months old.
i remember my crying.
i remember my crying.
i remember my crying.
i remember apologies in poems.
i remember kisses.
i remember her hand on my tears.
i remember quiet understanding minutes.
i remember her soft sleeping breath.
face to heart,

que sera sera?
what became of the graves become friend?
wilderness become companion?

i remember sneaking off to pleasure.
guilty, wet dog.

what became of starry nights of magic?
magic of two?
one is is.

i remember the unquenchable pull of dark whirlpools.
algae green black lightning stone.
i remember cleansing fire.
i remember a gem, burning where vapor once poured.
i remember
i remember

what becomes this struggling whole?
what became those old
old trees
old souls
seeds of our


Old soul, father, poet, partner to all life. Seth Speaks weaves his poetry across the city, across beloved mother earth. Birds hear most of his performances, concrete drinks it in. Residing in Cedar Rapids, he offers his love and service to the people and all relations of this stunning evergreen asphalt expanse. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin.